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Here we are making 9 knots in 18-20 true with full jib and 2 reefs in the main. She behaved beautifully! Job well done. Thanks, Dieter." Jim Stephen, Owner of Lancashire Lass


DIETER EMPACHER came to the United States as an experienced boatbuilder and with a degree in naval architecture in 1963, where he met Ted Hood. In 1964 he began working in Hood's Little Harbor yacht design office and worked his way up to Chief Designer. In 1982 he left to open his own yacht design and consulting firm in Marblehead. Since then he has worked with boatyards throughout the United States. In addition to numerous custom designs, Dieter has designed and consulted for many well known companies including Bristol, Concordia, Cooper Yachts, Cape Dory, C&C, Hinckley and Kanter Yachts. Dieter is best known for his luxurious and comfortable cruising designs and his diversity in all aspects of design and engineering from large cruising yachts to workboats.

We prioritize your input in the design process, and we take the time to understand your vision. We will provide you with all the information necessary to manage design tradeoffs.