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13' North Sea Rowing Skiff

Dieter Empacher's North Sea Skiff brings together the rich history of rowing skiffs with the advanced design and construction methods of today. It combines the beauty of a traditional skiff with the performance, handling, low maintenance and ease of transport of lightweight cored fiberglass construction. As the designer of Empacher's complete line of racing shells for the last 10 years, Dieter Empacher has built an unparalleled record, and he knows the design of fast rowing vessels, perhaps better than anyone else in the world. As a leading sailing yacht designer, he also knows the rigorous demands of the sea, having earned a sparkling reputation for beautiful and seaworthy sailing designs.

The traditional beauty of the North Sea Skiff will make an owner proud, while its practical hull shape will provide enough stability for beginners. Its exaggerated shear line affords great protection from the waves, and the flat curved bottom follows the profile of the boat, with a full-length keel for enhanced tracking and stability. Construction is where the North Sea Skiff breaks with history. Traditional wood construction is heavy and maintenance intensive, but the North Sea Skiff, built of molded, cored fiberglass, is both strong and light. It can easily be carried by two people and transported on a a car roof, and maintenance is virtually eliminated. In addition, the boat will be offered in one or two-piece construction, increasing both storage and transport options. The Skiff has two seat and oarlock positions so that it can be rowed single-handedly or with a guest, and the seat is contoured to the same mold as Empacher racing shells. The North Sea Skiff is seaworthy, easy to row and a good way to get into a great sport.

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