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Catamaran Working Platform

Dieter Empacher's design office was commissioned to design a functional workboat with an open work deck. A catamaran type hull was chosen to provide the greatest stability for a given displacement and beam. This craft is self-propelling and easy to move around. The main purpose for the design is to tie up alongside shrimping and cargo vessels and to act as a mini-barge so that work can be performed while the vessels are afloat.

Using an hydraulic marine propulsion system, the catamaran hull provides ample space in the side pontoons for the engine, fuel tanks, batteries and other machinery. None of the equipment protrudes through the working deck. Therefore, even with a low freeboard of 18 inches, the working deck is totally uncluttered. If necessary, the stanchions and lifelines can be easily removed.

The propeller is installed on centerline and is completely protected. The same is true for the rudder. Should the pontoon be beached, the propeller and rudder will be safe.

The building material for the prototype will be copper nickel for the hull and aluminum for the deck. This combination requires extra isolation work. However, the owner is going through with this experiment with future projects in mind. The full size lofting is done and construction begins in August 2007.


LOA:                                 25'
Max Beam:                        7'-0"
Draft at DWL:                   1'-6"
Displacement at DWL:      7,400 lbs

It takes 650 lbs. to sink the pontoon 1 inch.

                                                                                                          Catamaran Working Platform

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